Don’t use too many images in your newsletters

It might be tempting to hire an amazing graphic design company to create your next news announcement or invitation. Fonts and colours would be just right, you could source out some nice stock photos or do a photo shoot. The end result would surely guarantee that your marketing department be tickled pink. But, before you send out this fancy newsletter you may want to consider the fact that the risks of sending a single-image email extend well beyond visual design:

  • Large file sizes trigger spam filters and increase bandwidth usage for mobile/dial-up recipients.
  • When images are disabled, the content is lost in its entirety.
  • Those with visual impairments are unable to access any content.
  • Recipients with small screen devices (mobile) either receive no content (stripped images) or an image reduced to a size in which the content becomes unreadable.

The folks at Campaign Monitor have recently dissected such a newsletter and offer their diagnosis.