SEO with Linda Bustos at Northern Voice

Marketing consultant at Get Elastic, Linda Bustos led the SEO session at Northern Voice’s Internet Bootcamp using Kris Krug as an example. Kris is a very talented and passionate photographer. His site Static Photography does pretty well in Google ranking for a number of reasons:

  • His main keywords “Vancouver fashion and portrait photography” appear both in his title tag and main h1 tag
  • His site uses blog software which is better for search engines than a static site since it can be updated frequently
  • His links are keyword rich including his navigation links. For examples, instead of using fashion he uses “fashion photography”, instead of event he uses”event photography.

Kris also uses social media networks to promote his photography. The most obvious choice as a photographer is Flickr. By uploading his pictures on Flickr, Kris can share his images with others, tag them and insert keywords in his titles. Flickr also allows you to create a profile page, where a photographer can put information about their skills, link to their site and post testimonials.

It may seem like a lot of work, but these few simple tips can boost your traffic and help promote your site.


  1. oh…. rad. i didn’t know she talked about me. so cool. i should team up with her and give her the rest of my secrets. :P

    ps. i’ll buy you a beer if you link those important keywords up there in your post to various places inside static. hah.

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