10 SEO myths debunked

Via Kate I just read a great article by Micheal Estrin where he talks about the misinformation about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). My favourite myth is myth #6: SEO is a one-time event for a website. At a guess I would estimate that 90% of our clients believe this, which I find incredibly frustrating. I’m not sure if it’s because other web designers offer SEO services and just bundle it in their quote or what, but the idea of carrying out a single “optimization trick” and getting high-ranking forever simply makes no sense. 

At Bluelime Media we don’t offer SEO services, so we can recommend either professional copywriters who can help you create optimized content or a SEO company who specializes in optimization and are experts in that field.

Of course once we explain that SEO isn’t a one-time deal, this of course leads to Michael’s myth#4: SEO is free. 

Check out the full article and see if what you know about SEO is simply a myth.