Viral Marketing: Go Backstage for Free Music

If “Free is the future of business“, then the folks at Backstage have created an interesting marketing tool for all the Radiohead wanna-bes out there. They offer musicians a platform for sharing free music and gathering a database of interested listeners. For the rest of us, it means a few free tracks in exchange for our e-mail address and for recommending the page to a friend. You fill out a quick form, and the downloads are yours.

At first I was irked by the requirement to give a friend’s e-mail address in the form. But then I realized that’s the hook their model is hanging on. You probably have a friend who likes the same music as you, and since you’re recommending a freebie, and Backstage promises not to spam them, they’ll probably forgive you for sharing their address… Probably. There’s a bit of a leap of faith in that assumption. I think this requirement to share a friend’s address will affect their uptake on the offer somewhat but it also makes viral marketing more effective than it would be otherwise. So the net effect is probably a positive one for them.

What do you think?

Backstage Free Music Downloads


  1. Interesting concept. I agree with you also Tzaddi about the fact of giving up that friend’s email, but this model seems to work and would be an added advantage for those in this community

  2. Hi Mario, and welcome.
    It looks from your blog that you’d know a fair bit about this. If you know of some similar services I’d love to hear about them. Feel free to post them here.

  3. I am very wary of sharing other people’s email address but this may work since there is something in it for them. I would still be very careful and only share contact details of people I know for sure would be interested.

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