Searching for signs of business in India and discovering a business man kit

I was in India a few weeks ago on a yoga holiday and did not spend any time blogging, reading blogs or even thinking about it, but I did have a quick peek at a newspaper and during our stay in Delhi and Chennai, I kept my eyes open to see any signs of computer firms out-sourcing Indian expertise.

I usually get one or two unsolicited emails from companies in India advertising their services, so I thought I might see signs of this. I usually don’t pay attention to these emails other than take a look at the company’s portfolio and archive them. This trip being my first time in India, I wasn’t sure what to expect; big business parks, men in suits, laptops everywhere…? I saw numerous signs for computer classes, but no business parks or men in suits which would be dumb anyway, considering the weather. Most of the office buildings I saw were old and falling apart like the majority of Indian houses, temples and monuments, but perhaps I simply wasn’t in the right neighbourhoods or even the right cities.

During my short stay in Chennai, I read a piece in the Chennai Chronicle about how a group of twitter followers now get together on a regular basis to exchange ideas. I’ve also read and spoken to people who deal with Indian companies on a regular basis, so they must be around and India is most definitely booming and taking advantage of new technology.

I also came across a funny “businessman kit” in our Chennai hotel. I’m usually used to sewing kits and shower caps, but a businessman kit, that was new to me. On closer inspection,  I discovered that it contained a couple of paper clips, three rubber bands, a safety pin and a few pins…. Not sure what kind of businessman would need this.