Proper Headings for better SEO

When planning your content, it’s best to provide your website with a proper structure. Using headings and sub-headings is by far the best practice and when it comes to SEO, H1 is more important than H2, which is more important than H3 and so on.

It’s also common practice in the Web world to set the company name or logo as the H1, but there is a lot of debate about this. I recently worked on a couple of projects with 6S Marketing and Relevance Path Strategic Marketing and had the opportunity to discuss this practice. As a result I’ve now veered away from using the company name as my H1. Not only does using the company name as the main heading make no sense in some instances, blog posts for example, it also duplicates content unnecessarily.

You can modify your WordPress templates to take advantage of this and Alex Cristache has written a great post on how to go about it. When I set up my Basic Theme, I chose not to insert the company name in a heading at all and instead just put it in a div tag. I felt that this would keep the WordPress files clean, simple and easy to modify. So if you’ve downloaded one of the templates and were wondering why the code in the header file is different, this is why.

If you agree or disagree, I would love to hear about it.