Looking for Canadian web hosting company? Look no further than Blacksun.

More often than not, web hosting is something that clients have already set up when they contact me. As a result I have to work with many hosting providers and learn how to navigate their admin panel and many quirkiness.

I ran in to a very bizarre WordPress error this morning following a brand new installation on one of Blacksun‘s server. Certain area of the web admin turned up blank pages. I did a quick search on Google and thought that this error may be due to a wrong php.ini setting.

Looking at Blacksun’s website, I found the contact number to their technical support really fast, called, and was greeted by a human voice in less than 2 minutes. I explained the situation, she looked at the error files and confirmed my initial thought. Instead of putting me on hold and leaving me to talk to her manager, she simply took my contact details and told me to call back. Have you ever had technical support call you back? I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

No more than 20 minutes later, a voicemail was delivered to my phone. The error was fixed and my site is now working perfectly. That’s the best customer service I’ve encountered in a long time.


  1. I’ll second that. I’ve been using Blacksun for five years, and I’ve had great service from them.

    Now if only they’d address the question I brought up on their Facebook wall…

  2. It’s funny that you should mention that Blork, I attended a presentation on Third Tuesday last week that discussed the various methods of communications. Perhaps black sun doesn’t look at their wall very often, I know I never do. Maybe try old-school email and see what happens. They are also on Twitter too.

  3. True, but I’m sticking with the Wall to make a point (and also because it’s a question that I think other people might be interested in). The point being that if you’re going to promote your business via social networking, then you should be prepared to follow thought with it.

    Personally, I almost never use Facebook, but I’m not a business trying to promote how connected I am!

  4. You make a good point Blork. I think that a lot of companies jump on the social networking bandwagon and then don’t realize that they don’t have the time to keep at it. If a company won’t respond to questions on their facebook wall, then perhaps they shouldn’t be there.

  5. Wow! I’m happy to see that you found a good hosting company. It sure beats the month long agony of email exchanges with our previous hosting company. I’m sure you know who I’m referring to.

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  7. I stumbled upon this post… and agree with most of your points ironically. Yes BlackSun is in the business of customer service, and we admit we have been a bit slow in the past to respond. Our approach to social marketing had been a bit passive on purpose, as we have invested most of our time on “real time” chat, phone, and email for support. For those that didn’t get an instant reply on facebook, I do apologize.

    I have personally take over our pages on Facebook and Twitter to ensure that our team is as in touch with our customers as we can be, and what they are saying. Certainly we have always been all about customer service at BlackSun. I have been preaching this since 1998! If you have an instant issue that needs addressing, we still recommend calling to get a real human on the line. Chat or email will also get our home grown Canadian customer service. Thanks again for the kind posts, if we don’t communicate it enough your business is certainly appreciated!

    -Steve, CEO BlackSun Inc.

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