Introducing CSS/HTML for Graphic Designers

As any professional will know, the best way to stay current and in the know is to teach. I’ve been teaching a couple of classes at Langara and I’ve learned a great deal about the industry and myself.

The hardest part about teaching is the course preparation. Planning slides, handouts, exercises and solutions takes a lot of effort and it’s never perfect. Following feedback from both past students and teachers, I’ve put together a website to accompany my introduction to CSS/HTML course for graphic designers. Aimed at teachers wishing to use my curriculum, this website has all of the slides and exercises used during my 6 week class. This website is also a great tool for students wishing to learn on their own.

If you’re a graphic designer, teacher or just curious, feel free to have a look at the site and download the teaching material. If you were one of my past students you may also want to have a look. You’ll find that the course material has changed drastically.