11 Great colour legends

Ever wonder why stop signs are red, black is associated with death, blue is a colour for boys, while pink is for girls? Darius at Colorlovers wrote a great article explaining where these colour associations came from. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the meaning of colour.

Very good use of flash at Breathing Earth

I’ve written in the past about the use of flash in websites. I must confess that I’m not a great fan of it. I usually get annoyed when I see a website done in flash when its use is for no particular reason. Of course, designers will say that when using flash they can control the font sizes and layout and thus maintain full control of the design, yadi, yadi, yada. This argument is best left for a discussion in a pub with lots of drinks.

However, more and more sites are now using flash quite cleverly. Via Darren, who found this site via Todd, I discovered the Breathing Earth. This flash site uses an interactive display of real time carbon dioxide production, birth and death rates by country. Watching what takes place in the world is truly fascinating.

Enhance your website with video footage

We recently launched a new website for an innovative new development project on the Fraser River in Coquitlam. The Village at Fraser Mills will be a mixed-use community that integrates industrial and employment uses with residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities. The purpose of the website is to inform the community on the progress of the development as well as educate. One way this is achieved is by displaying a link to an interesting video which talks about the history of the Village.

Adding video is a great way to enhance your website and is simple enough to do. Professional organizer, Linda Chu, has appeared several times on TV and using her VCR, recorded the videos on tape, we converted them to Quicktime and posted them on her site. The process couldn’t be more simple.

More and more, we’re seeing video that has been integrated in flash. I recently discovered the RouxBe website which does this superbly. RouxBe is the ideal resource for people looking to expand their culinary repertoire and improve their skills in the kitchen. They offer online instructional cooking videos that walk you step by step through each delicious recipe. Their videos are some of the best I’ve seen on the web.

And more importantly, my husband has been doing much more cooking these days!

Creating customized error messages

There is nothing more frustrating then getting to a page which no longer exists and getting the dreadful plain looking 404 error page with no explanation of what just happened. These pages can be made much more informative with simple HTML. If you take a look at the following links to pages that are broken you will notice that we’ve made them a bit friendlier:

The folks at the BBC display the 404 error message, but at least they have added some additional information giving you options as what to do next which is not the case over at crap.com.

Of course you can also use humour to display your error messages. Kate discovered this great message when she broke her Twitter.

Twitter Error Message

I think that your website users would appreciate your effort.

Promoting your passion via the Web

Sharkwater opened in theatres recently. Written and directed by Rob Stewart, Sharkwater is a film about sharks and one man’s passion. Through his film, Stewart manages to show that each and one of us has the tools required to make changes in the world. Others have commented that, following a screening and question period in Toronto, Stewart explained that large organizations are not needed to create change. Individuals can make changes simply by being passionate. He clearly demonstrated this by making his movie.

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