Facebook is surprisingly useful

Recently a friend of mine sent me an invitation to join her network on Facebook. I ignored it at first, thinking back to my first experience with the social networking site; I had seen how my college-aged step-daughter uses it. She and her friends post tons of photos and notes for each other, mainly centering around recent parties etc. Theirs is a socially active world with time to spare, compared to mine. So Facebook didn’t seem like it was a place for me.

But recently the site has broken past it’s college bounds and people from all walks of life are signing up. I was convinced to try it out after reading reviews by Alexandra Samuel and Rob Cottingham.

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Carlton’s Big Ad

I don’t know about you, but I hate most commercials on TV. I don’t like them when I first see them and then by the time I see them for the upteenth time, I’m ready to scream. With the advent of YouTube there are gems creeping up now and then. The video below for Carlton just cracks me up. Why can’t we have more of this on TV?

Thanks to Karole for sending this my way.