Looking for a front end developer?

If you’re a graphic designer or project manager looking for someone to implement a design in WordPress, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch and let me take care of the technical stuff.


Looking for a designer?

For each item in my portfolio I’ve identified the designer behind the look and feel. If you like a certain style, feel free to browse their site and contact them directly. I can vouch for all of them and can assure you that they are a pleasure to work with.

Looking for Theme Support

For help or issues with themes please visit the support forums and put in a ticket. By using the forums, you may get an answer quicker and others (who may have the same question) will benefit from it. Please note that each theme has a it’s own page on the forums.

Christine ruined me forever! I doubt I’ll ever find another developer who is as efficient and proficient as she is. She provides both left-brain and right-brain advice on designs she converts them into WordPress themes, is incredibly helpful through the development process, and very willingly brainstorms functionality, the user experience, and any additional creative elements required.


Boxcar Marketing