River Market

I had the pleasure of working with Christy Nyiri on the River Market website. Christy’s talents are many. She’s a designer, illustrator and developer. Working collaboratively, I set up the bulk of the site, put the majority of the content in place, adjusted the layout to accommodate the various breakpoints, created the required custom post types while she made final CSS adjustments to tighten the grid and refine the design. She also tackled the events section relentlessly an was able to get the Events Calendar plugin to display events as per her design wishes.

Not only was a fun colourful palette applied to the River Market website, the content was re-structured making it’s content easier to find and navigate. The shops located at the River Market were given their own custom post types and isotope was used allowing visitors to filter by category.

As always, the site was optimized for tablets and mobile phones.



Emotive is a campaign that raises awareness of plug-in electric vehicles in B.C. The campaign’s goal is to share with British Columbians how much FUN it is to drive an EV. This one page website offers advice and useful bits of information about electric vehicles and invites visitors to participate in their contest where they have the chance to win fabulous prizes including a trip for two to beautiful Whistler in a Modo EV (Nissan Leaf).

This one page website is powered by WordPress of course and looks great on mobiles devices. This website was created in collaboration with Edelman and the Fraser Basin Council.


Powell Street Festival

The Powell Street Festival is an annual festival that takes place every summer in Oppenheimer park. This event is a celebration of Japanese Canadian arts, culture and heritage that features something for everyone: dance, music, film and video, visual arts, martial arts demos, amateur sumo tournament, craft vendors, traditional displays, and of course, tons of scrumptious Japanese food!

Kathy Shimizu, the web manager for the Powell Street Society, designed the website and we collaborated on converting her vision into an easily maintainable WordPress site. Custom Post types were set up for the artists and various widgets and sidebars were set up to accommodate the multiple types of information that needs to appear on the site.

Since a large portion of the audience will access the site during the festival on their mobile devices, careful attention was given to the responsiveness of the layout and the content output. Using the mobble plugin, conditionals were use to hide extraneous information such as large banners, on smaller devices to alleviate download times.

The last piece of the puzzle is the event schedule which will be completed in the next few weeks.


Mendoza & Pangan

Mendoza & Pangan is a boutique law firm located in the Philippines. As a small law firm, Mendoza & Pangan focuses on building lasting relationships with a manageable client base, allowing them to offer a high level of dedicated, quality service.

Working on this website was a truly International affair. Not only did I have email communication with the partners in the Phillippines, but Christina Lauer, the designer recently moved to Copenhagen. We never once met, Skyped or discussed anything over the phone and yet the project was completed without a hitch.

Although the site’s design is simple, a few tricks were needed for the various screens. Thanks to mobble, I was able to use conditional statements to call different files for the mobile view. For example, you’ll notice that on your phone, the menu sits at the top and is two level deep, whilst the desktop and tablet versions display the menu below the main headline and is only one level deep. The use of these conditionals not only allow different display to adjust to the screen size, but I was also able to display smaller images on the phone allowing for faster download.

The result is an elegant website which looks great on all devices.


Oyama Sausage Co.

Ask any carnivore in Vancouver and you’ll know that Oyama Sausage is an institution. Providing quality charcuterie, ham, patés and an amazing assortment of cheese, Oyama is a weekly destination for most of us in Vancouver. Their previous website was flash based and thus difficult to update and impossible to use on the iPad. The team at Creative Engine did a marvellous job designing their new site. Beautiful imagery is used throughout the site since the food speaks for itself and tells the wonderful story of Oyama.

The site was built in WordPress and although relatively easy to update, I used advanced custom fields to allow carousel images to be updated and re-ordered. Custom fields are also used extensively to break out various content pieces such as in the recipe section. Overall the site is stunning and looks great on both tablets and mobile devices.


Rapidmind Solutions

Rapidmind Solutions is a New Brunswick-based software company specializing in Sharepoint development. As one of the best Sharepoint development teams in Canada, their previous website was a wee bit tired-looking and in need of an update. They also needed a rebrand and content writing. Kathleen Moynahan was the perfect designer for this project. Not only did she design their new logo, icons and website, her experience working at Habaneros Consulting Group helped her understand the target audience and needs of this website.

The final WordPress site is fully responsive. A blog was also created and may be used when the team at Rapidmind Solutions feel the need to write.


Presentation House Theatre

Located in North Vancouver, the Presentation House Theatre is your neighbourhood professional performing arts centre with all kinds of shows for all kinds of people. PHT was in a need of a new website that was easy to maintain and update. Partnering with Kolke, a beautiful design was created and a WordPress theme built.

The site features a full background image which resizes to fit the screen, beautiful imagery, great typography and a great way for the theatre to promote their shows.


Ki Communications

Ki Communications is a Whistler based company providing public relations and digital strategy services. Ki Communications was in need of a website refresh and worked with Barbara at BlueCitrus on a new design. The colours were enhanced and vivid imagery were added.

Ki’s previous site was also a WordPress and so it made sense to continue working with this CMS and simply create a new theme. Using Barbara’s wonderful design, I created a front page which features a slider which sits below the home page content and and several call out boxes. A custom client content type and template was also created allowing Ki to easily update her client information which automatically populates the slideshow on her client page.

kolke home page


Founded by Tim and Nathan Kolke, Kolke is a small branding and design agency located in Vancouver, BC. Working with Kolke is always a pleasure and so we were delighted when they approached us to build their new WordPress site.

This fresh website takes advantages of Custom Post type, the built-in WordPress gallery and JQuery masonry.