B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association, Vancouver

The B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association, Vancouver is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the work of B.K.S. Iyengar in the Metro and Greater Vancouver area. The association promotes Iyengar events and certified teachers. As an Iyengar yoga practitioner for almost a decade, I was delighted to work on this new version of the site. Tzaddi Gordon provided the design refresh while I converted the design into a responsive WordPress theme and the site was modernized by integrating Gravity forms and Paypal to convert the membership registration to an online format.

Upon launch of the site, the association immediately noticed an increase in both traffic and member registration. This revised site will hopefully encourages yoga practitioners to join us as we continue to grow the Iyengar Yoga community.

Alberta Food Tours

Alberta Food Tours offers visitors the opportunity to discover the unique flavours of Calgary, Canmore and Edmonton and eat like a local.  Tours are typically 3 hours long and allows visitors to tour various establishments, taste several dishes and talk to the hosts. The tours are small and intimate, thus allowing guests to mingle make new friends and discover interesting neighbourhoods.

The owners behind Alberta Food Tours hired Platform Design to set up the brand and design of the site. Working in collaboration with Platform Design, a WordPress site was created allowing Alberta Food Tours to update all content. Various custom fields were set up allowing for multiple call out boxes and the site renders well on mobile.

Blood Centers of America

Blood Centers of America is a member-owned organization comprised of over 50 member independent blood centers geographically dispersed throughout North America, providing more than 30% of the U.S. blood supply.

The team at the BCA required a new website with a mobile strategy that was easy to use and maintain. Working with the team at Pencilneck, I assisted them in creating a WordPress site. An elegant design was created by Studio Think, which I converted into a WordPress theme and the more complex functionality, such as the blood center location map was built and customized by the Pencilneck team. This project was a great team effort and the result is a sophisticated website that looks great on all platforms.

Echo Storytelling Agency

Formerly known as Echo Memoirs, Echo Storytelling Agency hired us to help them with the development and the launch of their new website. Echo has been crafting award-winning stories since 1999 and the work that they do, required a website revamp. The old website was small, difficult to update and didn’t look good on tablets and phones. In addition, their work now expands to much more than books and thus the new company name.

Pound & Grain were hired to design a new visual concept for Echo and we converted their design into a WordPress theme. The website is simple but contains different types of content per page. As a result, Advanced Custom Fields were widely used and multiple slideshow were integrated. Delightful and compelling images are found throughout the site and content was revised to better suit this new layout. The blog posts were also updated with large featured images to create a compelling visual layout.

Although carousels and sliders are easy to set up with ACF, the different types of slideshow required proved to be challenging. In the end slick.js proved to be a great plugin to use and we were able to get the desired effects. The timeline, which proved to be our biggest challenge was set up simply by creating images for each step. As a result each step is easy to update and additional ones will equally be easy to add as the story of this wonderful company continues.


Emotive is a campaign that raises awareness of plug-in electric vehicles in B.C. The campaign’s goal is to share with British Columbians how much FUN it is to drive an EV. This one page website offers advice and useful bits of information about electric vehicles and invites visitors to participate in their contest where they have the chance to win fabulous prizes including a trip for two to beautiful Whistler in a Modo EV (Nissan Leaf).

This one page website is powered by WordPress of course and looks great on mobiles devices. This website was created in collaboration with Edelman and the Fraser Basin Council.

Entrée Destinations

Entrée Destinations is a boutique travel company, specializing in Canada and Alaska. Their holiday packages are designed to satisfy those seeking the ultimate travel experience and who wish to travel in style. Entrée Destinations does all the research, books and manages all of the components and handles every single detail.

Due to the high value of their service, Entrée Destinations required a website that was also very luxurious. The team at Wisdom Interactive assisted Entrée with content strategy, revised the site map and created a very visual website design.

The custom WordPress theme uses ACF custom content types to manage their trips and staff. Various templates were set up to accommodate image galleries, carousels, slideshows and banners. The website was developed carefully to avoid loading large images on mobile devices thus reducing load times. The result is a fantastic website that makes you dream of your next holiday.

Lift Strategies

Jen De Tracey of Lift Strategies, is one of Canada’s Top Marketing Experts. I worked with Jen years ago on her first WordPress site and had the pleasure of collaborating with her on this latest version. Being aware of marketing and usability trends, Jen’s first requirement was to service visitors who use their phones or tablets to read her blog. This led us to freshen up the site by giving it more white space, bigger fonts and re-organize content.

A gorgeous design was created by Matt Stobo who not only came up with a new look, but also carefully thought of the flow of the information on the website which is a big part of usability.

The WordPress site was built using my starter theme as usual and I used fittext on the home page and the page headings. This jQuery plugin makes it very handy for headlines to look great on all devices.

New Ventures BC

This latest version of the New Ventures BC (NVBC) site is my fourth WordPress theme for this wonderful organization. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Angie Schick for almost a decade and it’s been fascinating to see how the organization has evolved and taken shape.

The focus of this latest redesign was to incorporate icons and visual elements to reduce the amount of content required to explain the NVBC competition and programs. Claudia Molina of Fierce Feathers provided the new design concept and these were integrated in a new theme. This latest version includes several jQuery elements such as carousels and hide and reveal content which are a great way to minimize content on a page.

This updated theme allowed the NVBC team to refine their content, combine several pages of text into one and thus provide more clarity and ease of use.

Mendoza & Pangan

Mendoza & Pangan is a boutique law firm located in the Philippines. As a small law firm, Mendoza & Pangan focuses on building lasting relationships with a manageable client base, allowing them to offer a high level of dedicated, quality service.

Working on this website was a truly International affair. Not only did I have email communication with the partners in the Phillippines, but Christina Lauer, the designer recently moved to Copenhagen. We never once met, Skyped or discussed anything over the phone and yet the project was completed without a hitch.

Although the site’s design is simple, a few tricks were needed for the various screens. Thanks to mobble, I was able to use conditional statements to call different files for the mobile view. For example, you’ll notice that on your phone, the menu sits at the top and is two level deep, whilst the desktop and tablet versions display the menu below the main headline and is only one level deep. The use of these conditionals not only allow different display to adjust to the screen size, but I was also able to display smaller images on the phone allowing for faster download.

The result is an elegant website which looks great on all devices.


Moresports is a wonderful program running in Vancouver. They offer numerous sporting activity to children from kindergarten to grade 7 aimed at teaching kids new skills and boosting their confidence. All of their programs operate with a pay-what-you-can policy thus no child is denied access due to financial circumstances.

I was very fortunate to work on a first version of this site in 2004 and was keen to work on this revamp. Designed by Cause + Effect and developed by Denim & Steel, I was hired to assist in the initial development of the theme. I set up the initial starter theme, set up the various templates, custom fields and required plugins. I also took care of the CSS and then passed on the nearly ready website to Denim & Steel who then added the more complex layer such as the program registration and the news feed on the home page.

This revamped website should serve the community well and allow Moresports to continue offering such great activities to local kids.