Stop climate change by optimizing your website

Blog Action DayClimate change has no regional boundaries and threatens more than the environment. If we continue on this path, famine, flooding, war, and millions of refugees are the likely outcome. Given the urgency of the issue and the upcoming international climate negotiations in Copenhagen later this year, it’s only natural that this years’ topic for Blog Action Day, is climate change.

All throughout the day, you’ll no doubt be reading on the many actions you can take to help stop climate change. But did you know that if you are using WordPress, you could be making minor adjustments that also help? Making your website “green” is as easy as reducing the number of of calls to your database. Let me show you how.

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How green is your work place?

Green Workplace screenshotThese days businesses not only have to provide needed services and solutions, they need to do it in an appealing matter. For most of us this “appealing matter” will include sustainable, viable, green solutions. Since 2001, Green Workplace has been working with organizations to track their resource consumption and reduce it. They’ve also implemented easy-to-use energy efficiency campaigns and delivered environmental skills training and education.

Located right here in Vancouver, BC, they are a great resource for small and large companies looking for solutions towards greener business.

A fresh look at food

As food issues tend to become more and more newsworthy, it’s nice to see independent bloggers take it upon themselves to spread their opinion and concerns.

local is a new blog which aims to get the scoop on local food in and around the Lower Mainland. As more and more people try to eat locally produced goods, this blog aims to provide tips and advice on where to find the best markets, products, events and books.

More info about local food, recipes ideas and gardening can also be found by visiting the Edible Vancouver blog while the Earth To Table blog is a collaboration between chefs and farmers that promotes logical, sustainable, righteous, and above all, delicious food.

Not enough time to follow blogs… No worries, twitter is another great a way to get the lowdown on what’s going on in the food industry. You can follow three of these bloggers on twitter @LocalDelicious, @Edible Vancouver and @Earth_to_Table.

Will your vote be environmentally friendly?

With just a few more weeks until Canadians go the polls the folks at Vote for Environment have been pushing hard to push their message to more than 1 MILLION Canadians. Of the 2 western countries that have decided to ignore Kyoto, Canada is one of them. If you’re concerned about the Conservative’s anti-environmental policy then this website is for you. [website no longer online]

All 3 of the other parties (Liberals, NDP, Greens) have strong(er) environmental policies, but which to vote for?
The Vote For Environment website makes it easy for you to decide. Simply type in your postal and take a look at which of the 3 parties can beat the Conservatives in your riding. As long as these 3 parties get enough seats, they should be able to forward a greener agenda.

Be sure to check out their sponsor, De Smog Blog. Their new website dedicated to the election and the one across the border analyzes each candidate’s platform on climate change and assigns them with a rating.

This Canadian election may not be as exciting as the US one, but the outcome may affect the future of humankind more critically than any previous elections.

Everybody is Going Green

Every year at the beginning of September, I get really excited about the Vancouver Film Festival. I picked up a copy of the sneak preview magazine a couple of days ago and started picking the movies I would love to see. So far I’ve selected over 30 movies and I’ve only reached the letter M. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to see all of these. One thing that peaked my interest is that a series of films have been nominated for the Kyoto Planet Climate for Change Award. It nice to see so many films dedicated to the environment. But the green theme is far more common these days.

Just a few days ago, Darren announced the Greenest Photo Ever Contest. This contest is part of their online marketing activities for the folks at DeSmogBlog, who are trying to clear the PR pollution that clouds climate change. 96 photos were submitted last time I checked. The contest ends October 1, so submit your photo for your chance to win.

If you miss the contest or don’t have a camera, Blog Action Day takes place October 15. Bloggers around the world have signed up to write a post about the environment. The rules are pretty simple, just write something about the environment and let them know that you are taking part by registering.

Chatting about the environment is often paired up with the price of gas. Whether you like or not, the two go hand in hand and big oil companies have remained silent, that is, up until now. Petro Canada’s new blog, Pump Talk aims to contribute to the discussion of gas prices and fuel efficiency. What better way to talk openly about gasoline prices and fuel efficiency than directly with the big guys. Let’s hope that their blog leads to great discussions.

It can be very discouraging at times to think that it’s not worth it. Recycling your water bottle water may not help the environment that much, but looking around the net there are tons of ideas and people getting involved. Going green seems to be gaining up momentum.