Will Vancouver 2010 be the year we put TV to bed?

Did you get your mitts?My husband and I debated intensely over the period of several weeks prior to the Olympics, whether of not we should get a TV. I was dead against it and he only wanted it for a two week period. I reminded him that as a Brit, he might be annoyed by the “Canadian” focused coverage and thus won the argument.

Personally I was a bit blazé about this whole Olympic event. But once it got started, I found myself caught in the whirlwind of excitement. Walking through the city, the buzz just took control of me and I became an immediate fan. We invited ourselves to a few friends place and went to a pubs to watch the events on their TVs, but we couldn’t justified doing this everyday.

To my delight and more importantly my husbands’, we discovered that we could watch most events on the Internet. CTV streamed all of the events including the medal ceremonies. Using my dual monitor set up, I was also able to follow most of the events at work.

As Mhairi wrote a few weeks ago in a post discussing Social Media and the Olympics, this year was also the first “Twitter” Olympics. Using a series of hashtags such as #van2010 and #olympics following the events became quite fun. I was also able to get and share info about the different houses and free venues using Twitter. For example on day 2 of the Olympics, I found out that the queue for the zip line was already 2 hours long an hour before being opened and posted the info on Twitter. A follower thanked me and made different plans for the day. How great is that?

Prior to giving up TV I also stopped my subscription to the newspaper. The only time I ever looked at the sport section was during the Olympics, but now I no longer had that option. Flickr of course came to the rescue. Following the appropriate tags led me to discover fantastic photographers and photography blogs.

I’m not sure that Vancouver 2010 would have been as much fun without the Internet and I didn’t miss having a TV one bit.

SEO with Linda Bustos at Northern Voice

Marketing consultant at Get Elastic, Linda Bustos led the SEO session at Northern Voice’s Internet Bootcamp using Kris Krug as an example. Kris is a very talented and passionate photographer. His site Static Photography does pretty well in Google ranking for a number of reasons:

  • His main keywords “Vancouver fashion and portrait photography” appear both in his title tag and main h1 tag
  • His site uses blog software which is better for search engines than a static site since it can be updated frequently
  • His links are keyword rich including his navigation links. For examples, instead of using fashion he uses “fashion photography”, instead of event he uses”event photography.

Kris also uses social media networks to promote his photography. The most obvious choice as a photographer is Flickr. By uploading his pictures on Flickr, Kris can share his images with others, tag them and insert keywords in his titles. Flickr also allows you to create a profile page, where a photographer can put information about their skills, link to their site and post testimonials.

It may seem like a lot of work, but these few simple tips can boost your traffic and help promote your site.

Everybody is Going Green

Every year at the beginning of September, I get really excited about the Vancouver Film Festival. I picked up a copy of the sneak preview magazine a couple of days ago and started picking the movies I would love to see. So far I’ve selected over 30 movies and I’ve only reached the letter M. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to see all of these. One thing that peaked my interest is that a series of films have been nominated for the Kyoto Planet Climate for Change Award. It nice to see so many films dedicated to the environment. But the green theme is far more common these days.

Just a few days ago, Darren announced the Greenest Photo Ever Contest. This contest is part of their online marketing activities for the folks at DeSmogBlog, who are trying to clear the PR pollution that clouds climate change. 96 photos were submitted last time I checked. The contest ends October 1, so submit your photo for your chance to win.

If you miss the contest or don’t have a camera, Blog Action Day takes place October 15. Bloggers around the world have signed up to write a post about the environment. The rules are pretty simple, just write something about the environment and let them know that you are taking part by registering.

Chatting about the environment is often paired up with the price of gas. Whether you like or not, the two go hand in hand and big oil companies have remained silent, that is, up until now. Petro Canada’s new blog, Pump Talk aims to contribute to the discussion of gas prices and fuel efficiency. What better way to talk openly about gasoline prices and fuel efficiency than directly with the big guys. Let’s hope that their blog leads to great discussions.

It can be very discouraging at times to think that it’s not worth it. Recycling your water bottle water may not help the environment that much, but looking around the net there are tons of ideas and people getting involved. Going green seems to be gaining up momentum.