Tag Abuse and Misuse

abuse carries with it some sense of harm;
misuse refers to an incorrect use that may not lead to harm

Selecting Tags has been described as the most important social contribution an individual can make. Bloggers are the ones who come up with these tags and these are after all just normal people. When working on blog articles, most of us don’t spend too much time thinking of our category classification. Sometimes these are just assigned as an afterthought.

The temptation for tag abuse is great. Lorelle reported a few weeks ago about a blog that used totally irrelevant tags on one of their post. If we are to believe that tag selection is the most important social contribution that we can make, then abusing tags is not helping the blog community. If I was to tag this post with the words, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, people looking for these words, would probably be dissapointed to find this article.

When setting up a WorPress blog, the category “uncategorized” is automatically created and set up as your default. Many bloggers, simply leave it there, write articles, and just publish articles as “uncategorized”. In this case the tag isn’t abused but instead, is misused.

Leaving your post in the uncategorized category is like putting your item for sale in a giant warehouse full of items just like yours. Chances that buyers will rummage through the whole wharehouse until they find your item are very slim. By assigning a relevant category to your post, you’ll be providing search engines with another keyword they can track and helping them out.

Stop the abuse and misuse of tags and help your post be found.