Social Media works in mysterious ways

I’ve participated in a few “Ask The Experts” panels in the past few months and couldn’t help but notice that Social Media is quite the hot topic right now. People are very keen in learning how to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc… Most attendees are curious about how it works, why anyone would invest the time and energy, what’s the ROI and if it’s the right avenue for their business. These are all good questions and there are simply no easy answer. It really depends on who your audience is and where they are.

A funny thing happened to me last Friday which demonstrates how complicated and unpredictable it is to explain the power of Social Media.

I have a Twitter account and follow mostly designers and WordPress developers. This allows me to find out about latest tips, tutorials and website development news. Cameron Moll posted a tweet to a “mesmerizing” YouTube video which caught my attention. I clicked the link and watched a video taken at Kuroshio Sea which is the 2nd largest aquarium in the world.

The video is indeed breathtaking, but I was curious about the music. I watched and listened to the video a couple of times and wanted to find out who was singing. Using my iPhone, I Shazammed it and got the name of the song, band and album. A quick search on YouTube led me to a video of Barcelona singing live in San Diego. I watched a few more videos and decided to visit Barcelona’s page on MySpace. Listened to a few more clips and then I was off to iTunes and bought the album.

I’m not sure that a marketer could have predicted this, but I’m convinced that Social Media is worth investing in.


  1. That’s how social media rolls isn’t it? Ya just never know what path it will take. To “figure it out” just makes one’s head spin. It’s better to start small and build on it as you get more comfortable. Add value and be consistent, and pretty soon it takes on a life of its own.

  2. Interesting. I’ve had a more direct experience. After noticing a tweet for marketing work needed for a couple of remote lodges, I followed up immediately by email. The tweet was not by the company itself, but by a 3rd party organization the company had posted details at. Within a few minutes I received a request from the President’s assistant to call him directly that evening for a discussion. He later told me that only happened because I had followed up so quickly after they released the information. Personal experience – social media works for business.

  3. Wouldn’t that make an amazing TV channel? Something to just have on while you’re putting around the house? Infinitely better than that crazy Christmas fireplace!

    As for social media, I think you’ve hit on why it’s so important to be engaged, at even a cursory level. People are gathering information on their own from lots of online sources these days and your information could just be exactly what they’re looking for — even if they don’t know it yet.

  4. You’re right it would be a great TV Channel. Especially at feeding time. I never understood the logs and I’m not sure if the bunnies ever made it here at Easter time, but they are freaky.

  5. Thanks for posting my Kuroshio sea video!

    Social media was the reason it got so popular! Alot of people tweeted it, posted it on their facebook profiles, tumblr profiles, and blogs!

    I’m following you now too. :)


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