Bluelime Media Design Principles

I had the pleasure of attending the Interlink Conference last Friday and loved every minute of it. The speakers were all very knowledgeable and gave excellent presentations. Following the event, I hopped on a plane and headed down to Portland for the World Domination Summit (WDS). Although both conferences covered very different topics, the main message that I got from that three day weekend, was simple – be yourself and be the best you can.

Whitney Hess gave a great presentation on the Principles of UX Design. In her talk she challenged the audience to read companies’ design principles and guess who they were. Some of these were then discussed and mocked a bit. Facebook claims that transparency is an important principle of theirs, yet, we’ve witnessed the opposite on many occasions. Charles and Ray Eames have a delightful list of principles and these are clearly felt in their designs. I’ve never been to Burning Man, but my friend Kathleen immediately guessed them to be behind this ambitious list of design principles.

Although the topic of WDS wasn’t Web design, similar set of discussions happened throughout the rest of the weekend. Whether you call them business principles or design principles, the principles you live by are what define you and make you who you are. On the flight back to Vancouver, I took a pen and paper and decided to make my own list. I probably should have done this 8 years ago when I started this company, but better late than never. So here is my list:

Bluelime Media Design Principles

  • Do good work
  • Code to standard and best practices
  • Keep files organized and easy to understand
  • Always look for better ways
  • Update client work even if they don’t ask
  • Find the easiest/best solution for the client
  • Suggest alternate designer or developer if I can’t do the work
  • Help others
  • Teach
  • Connect people
  • Be positive


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the conferences. I enjoyed surfing through various sites linked to the great speaker list from Interlink. Sounds like a good conference to keep on my radar.

  2. I’m so thrilled that my talk inspired you to write your own principles. How did you find the process to be? What was the most difficult thing to do? Any feedback you could share would allow me to pass along to others as well. Thank you!!

  3. Thanks Juliette and Whitney,

    Juliette, yes do make sure to keep Interlink on your radar. I’ll be going again for sure.

    Whitney, I must admit the process wasn’t that lengthy or difficult. I had a stellar weekend which started with the interlink conference, followed by a flight to Portland where i read the first part of rework. I then attended a full 2 day of inspiring talks at the World Domination Summit and then I hoped on the plane and finished rework. As soon as I was done the book, I was inspired to write the principles and jotted them down in my note book and wrote the post a few hours later.

    Next time I schedule so many thought inspiring presentations, I think I’ll give myself a few days holiday to fully take advantage of all of the info and absorb it.

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