Introducing Water Lily

Water lily is my latest theme released on the WordPress repo. I had initially chosen lotus, but that theme name was already taken and since all names must be unique, I had to content myself with water lily. This process did teach me the difference between water lilies and lotuses though. Seems like many make that same mistake.

Hint: a water lilies leaves rest of the water, while the lotus’s leaves rest above the water surface.

This new theme gave me the opportunity to play with masonry. Masonry is a great way to layout images and blocks of content. I’m contemplating using this type of layout for the next Bluelime Media website iteration, once time permits.

Please do download the theme and let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Christine,

    I like the look of Water Lilly but did you know your preview has no photos?

    Let me know if you put some in so I can see it work.



    1. Hi Bill, thanks for your comment and glad to hear that you like the theme. Yes the theme previewer doesn’t do the theme great justice. Water lily uses featured images to generate the grid on the home page and the previewer doesn’t have this set up. If you look at Portfolio press, another wonderful masonry grid theme, you’ll notice that it too doesn’t look great.

      There are rumours that the theme previewer will be updated, but I’m not sure that it’s a priority right now.

      You can see how the theme behaves by looking at the demo –

  2. Hi Christine,

    Great work, i Love the theme! check it out on my blog :) Just wondering if there is a line for favicons in the Header tab. Could you give me a hint as to how to do that?

    Much thanks, and love from Dublin from Canadians :)

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