Mendoza & Pangan

Mendoza & Pangan is a boutique law firm located in the Philippines. As a small law firm, Mendoza & Pangan focuses on building lasting relationships with a manageable client base, allowing them to offer a high level of dedicated, quality service.

Working on this website was a truly International affair. Not only did I have email communication with the partners in the Phillippines, but Christina Lauer, the designer recently moved to Copenhagen. We never once met, Skyped or discussed anything over the phone and yet the project was completed without a hitch.

Although the site’s design is simple, a few tricks were needed for the various screens. Thanks to mobble, I was able to use conditional statements to call different files for the mobile view. For example, you’ll notice that on your phone, the menu sits at the top and is two level deep, whilst the desktop and tablet versions display the menu below the main headline and is only one level deep. The use of these conditionals not only allow different display to adjust to the screen size, but I was also able to display smaller images on the phone allowing for faster download.

The result is an elegant website which looks great on all devices.