Powell Street Festival

The Powell Street Festival is an annual festival that takes place every summer in Oppenheimer park. This event is a celebration of Japanese Canadian arts, culture and heritage that features something for everyone: dance, music, film and video, visual arts, martial arts demos, amateur sumo tournament, craft vendors, traditional displays, and of course, tons of scrumptious Japanese food!

Kathy Shimizu, the web manager for the Powell Street Society, designed the website and we collaborated on converting her vision into an easily maintainable WordPress site. Custom Post types were set up for the artists and various widgets and sidebars were set up to accommodate the multiple types of information that needs to appear on the site.

Since a large portion of the audience will access the site during the festival on their mobile devices, careful attention was given to the responsiveness of the layout and the content output. Using the mobble plugin, conditionals were use to hide extraneous information such as large banners, on smaller devices to alleviate download times.

The last piece of the puzzle is the event schedule which will be completed in the next few weeks.