Push Festival

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is one of Vancouver’s signature events. Produced over three weeks each January, the PuSh Festival presents groundbreaking work in the live performing arts.

I had the pleasure of working with Denim & Steel on this project and helped out laying out the ground work for this new website.

Denim & Steel worked with Push Festival on curating content, restructuring the architecture and refining the functionality. The design was then tackled by Christy Nyiri who not only provided design files, but style guidelines which allowed me to convert them to a WordPress site. I set up the site using existing content, best practices and carefully thought about the best way to lay it out and ensure that the site would be maintainable and easy to update. Once the bulk of the WordPress theme complete, Denim & Steel added the required jQuery and trickier database calls. Overall, the project was a fabulous collaboration.