Vancouver International Children’s Festival Society

I lived in Yaletown for over 8 years and loved taking the Aquabus over to Granville Island, especially when the Children’s Festival was on. The boat was always packed to the brim with children excited and happy to be going to the festival.

The reaction of the kids heading there was highly enjoyable so I was thrilled when Raised Eyebrow asked me to work on their new website re-design. Not only would I be helping a fantastic organization but I’d be working on a fun design, full of delightful colours and images.

Designs created by Raised Eyebrow are always well thought out, making their projects a pleasure to work on. This one was no different and the result is a delightful, elegant, and informative website. The WordPress theme includes a calendar of events and we started off using a Calendar plugin, but found it too cumbersome and buggy, so switched to Advanced Custom Fields and my colleague, Andrew Baxter used his PHP skills to display events in a very elegant manner.