Built from scratch

As a front end developer, my speciality is taking a design concept (preferably layered Photoshop file) and developing a custom WordPress theme specifically to match your design. This type of work involves:

  • Converting your design into HTML
  • Setting up the CSS to match your design choices, fonts, colours, layouts, etc…
  • Setting up the WordPress templates
  • Setting up custom content types if needed
  • Integrating javascript, jQuery or custom fields if needed
  • Selecting the right plugins to assist or enhance your site (i.e. Yoast SEO plugin)
  • Setting the database and WordPress on a test server
  • Inputting all content and ensuring readability
  • Testing the site at various breakpoints on the desktop, tablets and mobile phone
  • Testing the site on various browsers
  • Transferring the new website to the live server and launching

This custom designed website will be specifically made for your business.

All of the websites created this way use a starter theme which I’ve built and refined using underscores and other themes from the fine folks at Auttomatic.

Fixing broken themes

Why pay a developer when you can buy a theme for cheap? I can help you when things go wrong.

Free or purchased themes from one of the many foundries are built for the masses and generally contain 1000+ options making them awesome, but also very confusing. If you’ve installed a theme that you find difficult to use, bloated, slow or cumbersome, I can have a look and let you know what can be done.