Giving back by providing support

One of the ways to learn more about your craft is to help others. For this reason, I’ve been teaching WordPress theming for a number of years and I’ve contributed on the WordPress support forums a bit. Everyone involved on the support forums is a volunteer and although I haven’t asked all of them why they do it, I’m guessing the reason they do it is like mine, I love it.

cyberchimpsI got addicted to the forums 6 years ago and I’ve contributed in spurts. Some weeks are super active, while other weeks simply leave me no time. Some of you may have noticed that, as of late, I’ve been absent from the forums. The reason for that, is that I was recruited to work on the Cyberchimps forums. I’ve been working with the other “chimps” for a few weeks now and even got my first pay check. I felt a wee bit guilty when the money landed in my Paypal account. Here I was getting paid for doing something I used to do for free!

The purpose of helping on forums is to help others, but also you learn a great deal from troubleshooting. With the wage that I got from Cyberchimps, I thought how I could help even more? I always find looking through the loan requests on Kiva humbling. It’s amazing how such small amounts (for me) can change lives. Last month I lent money to Nalini, allowing her to buy a sewing machine. It’s a small gesture, but if I can provide some CSS guidance to someone on one side of the globe and help someone financially on the other, I feel better about our future.

I plan on continuing this process every month and look forward to seeing who else I get to help out.