Are you a graphic designer looking for a front end developer?

I’m Christine; a front-end developer based in Vancouver BC. I work with graphic designers and content writers to produce high-quality custom WordPress sites.
I work exclusively with WordPress and have been doing so since 2004. I love solving puzzles, a trait which makes working on the Web a lot of fun. Dealing with various issues of design, typography limitations, browser support and responsiveness are all part of my day to day activities.

A few more things about me...

What I do

  • I build WordPress themes from scratch using my own starter theme.
  • I make websites that are mobile friendly and responsive.
  • I favour great content, design and usability over flash and wow factors.
  • I’m attentive to details and conscientious of best practices.
  • I keep SEO in mind when laying out themes.
  • I work fast!

What I don't do

  • I don’t use “premium” themes and just wedge your content in there.
  • I can proof read your content and fix minor issues, but I’m not a content writer.
  • I’m not a designer or branding expert.
  • I don’t build apps or e-commerce sites.
  • I don’t provide hosting or purchase domains for you.
  • I can’t troubleshoot your email or servers issues.

Some of the people I work with

Christine is fast and good, a rare combination. She knows what will work best on each device and has a good eye for design and deep knowledge of the best way to make a website look good on any platform. Best of all, she cares about her clients and it was clear that she wanted us to have the best website possible.

Samantha Reynolds, Echo Storytelling Agency