Thank you for a fabulous career

After almost 20 years in business, Bluelime Media is closing its virtual doors.
I’ll continue to tinker on a few WordPress sites for charities and non-profit organizations, but otherwise, Bluelime Media is longer taking on any new clients. If you want to stay in touch and see what the future holds for me, feel free to follow me on Instagram or check out the Iyengar Yoga Association website.

Here are people I highly recommend:

Denim & Steel

Founded in 2011 by Tylor Sherman and Todd Sieling, Denim & Steel is a digital consultancy helping executives and directors of civic and cultural organizations use digital strategy, design, and development to engage audiences and improve operations. I first met Todd in 2006 at a Northern Voice conference. Since then, we’ve become friends and have worked on several projects together. Denim & Steel are an excellent agency to consider if you are looking for ways to solve a problem creatively.

Encore Web Studios

Encore Web Studios is a full-service web design and development firm specializing in website design, online registration systems, custom programming, database development and content management systems. I met Joseph Lo while attending BCIT and he led me through my first PHP project. Joseph has been a great resource for me on complex PHP queries and I recommend his team to anyone looking for WordPress site, event registration system, and custom PHP applications. If you need help getting more traffic to your site, his team can help with SEO and Google Ads too!

Greg Burnison

Greg and I were in the same program at BCIT back in early 2000. We worked together on a few projects while in school and a few years after. Greg has always been my go-to guy with JavaScript issues and I often find myself reaching out for help when I can’t figure out a PHP loop. These days Greg’s work focuses mainly in WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript.

GTA Development

Founded in 2018 by Flynn O’Connor, GTA is a small web development consultancy group focusing on WordPress development. Flynn has been deeply involved in the WordPress community for many years, has spoken at many WordCamps and was one of the Vancouver WordCamp organizers for several years. Flynn and I often attended the same conferences, meet ups and discovered that we both liked visiting craft breweries nearby. If you’re looking for someone to take on a complex WordPress project you may want to reach out to him.

Out-Smarts Marketing

Headed by Mhairi Petrovic, Out-Smarts Marketing is a digital media marketing agency that offers marketing strategy, website design, targeted search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Mhairi and I have worked on many projects together and I recommend her to anyone looking for internet marketing.

Tzaddi Made

Tzaddi Gordon is an artist, designer and web developer. I met Tzaddi just after finishing my program at BCIT. Telus was looking for a developer and she recommended that I join her team. We worked together at Telus for a few months but I jumped ship soon thereafter. As soon as I could, I reached out to Tzaddi and hired her to come and work at Bluelime Media. Tzaddi and I created lots of websites together and had lots of fun doing it. Tzaddi’s love as always been design and creating, while I loved manipulating WordPress templates.